Cristian Vogel Short Biography - 2012

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Cristian Vogel is a composer, music producer and performer, known worldwide for his improvisational concerts, large scale compositions for contemporary dance and many studio productions.

He has been a long-term innovator in the composition, mixing and performance of electronic sounds. Spanning a 20 year career at the vanguard of european electronic music, his work has been acknowledged as an outstanding influence in the fields of composition for stage, club culture and studio.

Born in Chile 1972 and raised in the UK, he is now based in Berlin.

Considered by some as “a producers producer”. He has been asked to remix Radiohead, Maximo Park, Thom Yorke and many more talented artists.

Philip Sherbourne writes about Deconstructructions from Cristian's most recent 2012 release The Inertials;

"The ashen chords of Deconstructions might sound familiar from scads of dusky techno releases, but the timbres Vogel achieves, not to mention the yawning sense of space, are miles beyond the work of his contemporaries. His palette is unusually dynamic and unusually interconnected: it's difficult to tell where a given sound begins and ends. Instead, scrapes and plucks and thumps and twangs fuse into something at once hard and hazy, a rippling continuum perpetually reassembling itself in mid-air."

As a performer and songwriter, he has been the other founder of the duo “Super_Collider” alongside Jamie Lidell, as well as his own songwriting project “Night Of The Brain”.

Currently, whilst continuing to think and work in music space as a daily practice, his divergent artist research streams are ongoing.

Presentations of research and interventions have included;

- Music Reseach Colloquia, Oxford University (2012)
- RedBull Music Academy (2001 / 2010 / 2011)
- Kyma International Sound Symposium (2009 / 2010 / 2011)
- Sound and Music Computing Conference (Barcelona 2010)

He has designed and lead a number of workshops and symposiums, notably;

- the 1st Kyma International Sound Symposium (Barcelona 2009)
- Dialog:Sound and Movement (GVASessions, Geneva, 2011)
- LiveConnections Workshop (Electron Festival, Geneva, 2011)
- Club Glop (wine tasting and music events, Barcelona, 2009)

Cristian Vogel 2009 by Brian Stevens

photo credit Brian David Stevens 2009

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