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Lady E
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Super_Collider Live reviews

From The Wire 20th Anniversary Edition November 2002

Review of DISSONANZE Festival Rome September 2002 by Anne Hilde Neset + Rob Young

The highlight was undoubtedly Super_Collider. Cristian Vogel and Jamie Lidell's
vox/funk/noise duo has swelled into an extraordinary and unprecedented 5 piece live outfit, visually bizarre and sonically busted. The drummer, seated behind a kit of electric pads, and bassist both clad in psychiatric-nurse white, held down a low, slow funk whose human frailty aided its periodic stutters. Vogel remained behind a bank of keyboards, mixers, effects and electronics, adding concrete noise and muted pads and patches over the bony groove. Man of the match though, was singer Jamie Lidell. He cut a weird and wayward figure, staggering around (and at one point falling arse about tit) whilse singing in an amazing post-Sly/Wonder/Jay Kay falsetto while sporting a succession of exotic outfits (a bearish coat covered with cassette tape "fur", a white rubber ghost sheet nailed to the stage). Add to the mayhem a live VJ who roamed the stage with a portable vidcam, practically shoving it up Lidell's nose, carried a super 8 loop projector on his shoulder, and strapped on a wearable turntable with whiched he scratched out rasping glitches and you had a mighty bastard dementia playing out in public. It is a potent route for live electronica, a cathartic experience managing to keep on the right side of spectacular. And it was one of the few moments that Dissonanze really lived up to its name.
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Onwards Cristian soldiers

London Spitz, 27 February 2003

Funk. Deep weird-fried funk. With very strange cheese topping (quite possibly with mildly narcotic blue furry bits in it.) Funk gone decidedly odd, a bit like the experience of chatting to that old man who always talks to the ducks when feeding them and has a complete cutlery set stashed in his Marge Simpson-a-like wig. This is the sound of the big old American P-Funk mothership in crash collision with oh-so-English digital pagans Coil. Yes, Brighton's Super_Collider are back and promoting new album 'Raw Digits'. And, like said platter, they are extremely funky and fucking peculiar.

Tonight Super_Collider's core of Cristian Vogel (electronic tones that sound like a love/hate altercation between some stomach lining, a splodge of virulent chilli sauce and an overbearingly chemical strawberry milkshake) and Jamie Lidell (vocals akin to David Byrne being half asphyxiated by Prince using the Reader's Digest guide to Deleuze) are augmented by a bassist and drummer. These two solidly provide the aforementioned funk: booty-twitching, filth-slithering, pelvis-grinding Bootsy Collins fare. The Collider duo, meanwhile, add the odd. Lidell is definitely an engaging front man. Dressed like a mutant cross between a low-budget Dr Who monster and a rubber-fetished construction worker he judders and pulsates his super-rhythmic way around the stage, yelping out Super_Collider's soiled gospel of groove.

By turns it's dark, exciting, incomprehensible and wired. Behind him alterno-techno bod Vogel emits the sound of Berlin's most experimental electro-geezer dribbling uncontrollably between the keys of his audio-booted Powerbook after undergoing King-of-Pop quantities of plastic surgery in the name of "art". David Cronenburg would be proud: raw, original, riveting, funky and above all gratifyingly, ingratiatingly, seductively freaky, and, well, just plain odd.

WORDS: Robert Heller
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