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Old 7th May 2003   #1
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Rise Robots Rise Meteorites - Dub the Mighty Dragon - RRR05

Track Listing

Meteorites -" Dub the Mighty Dragon"
1. Milkman
2. Butterfly
3. Summerblue
4. Dracula
6. Meteorite
7. Sunsystem
8. NumberOne
9. ErnestHeavyweight

Meteorites (Max Turner and Marcus 'Roccness' Rossknecht) have been musically active in various forms for quite some while now, ducking and diving around the underground music scenes of Europe from Berlin to Barcelona, where they have settled. Their meeting and collaboration has been one of those fortunate alchemical coincidences that create the best music. They came together at a point when both of them were tiring with over-serious electronic/dance music, and felt the need to inject their output with a bit of vim, vigour and general joie-de-vivre.

Meteorites' music is deceptively simple. In absolute contrast to their Rise Robots Rise labelmates Super_Collider, their beats are not twisted through endless complex digital processes; instead, they look back to the versatile techniques of the original dub professors, using basic delay effects on clean, pure sounds to create their sonic pallette. That is not to say that there is a lack of care and attention to the sound: quite the opposite in fact. Marcus's minmal dancehall-funk rhythms are lovingly, carefully crafted to kick hard and bounce for the dancefloor, but to leave maximum space for Max's somersaulting lyrics.

It's vital to note here that the Jamaican dancehall/ragga influence in Metorites' sound and lyrical style is not in any way a Shoreditch ironic haircut posturing thing. Unlike the nonsense soulless irony-dripping fashion victims who adopt dancehall for its machismo and perceived exotic nature, Meteorites' use of its rhythms is a natural process borne of a long-held love of the music. There is nothing forced or self-conscious about the way that the modern reggae patterns appear in the tracks - it is just another influence which the boys know and understand, as they know and understand soul, punk, techno and all the other elements that are stirred into their rich musical soup.

Max's vocals, like the music, have a hidden complexity that emerges gradually from behind a sweet and simple façade. He deals with the important things in life - love, loss, milk, insects - and though his delivery may seem nonchalant, even childish, great truth is revealed. The element of humour is important in Meteorites' world, indeed audiences at their legendary gigs have often been reduced to tears from laughter, but there is depth to the lyrics which means they reverberate around the listeners memories long after the initial joke is forgotten.

Meteorites, then - they'll keep you entertained, and while you're smiling and dancing, they'll sneak round behind you and deal you the killer emotional punch that all great music is capable of. Plug into "Dub The Mighty Dragon" and before you're half way through, you will belong to Meteorites!

Meteorites "Dub the Mighty Dragon" CD and 2x 12" Vinyl released in
June 2003 on RiseRobotsRise Records/ Brighton.
Distributed worldwide by SRD / Neuton

For questions and everything mail

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Join Date: Feb 2002
Location: Berlin
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You can buy Meteorites, Dub the Mighty Dragon on-line HERE
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