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Old 27th March 2002   #1
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Watch out, I'm planning to come to JOLLY OLE MERRY ENGLAND for this rare occasion! If there were any band that is honourary techno so to speak and capture it's essence, it's JOY DIVISION. If techno had lyrics, it would be penned by Ian. Is techno happy? No, it's from Manchester. Ha, from removed from Detroit but all the same.

New Order are planning to play a set of Joy Division tracks at their June 9th gig at Finsbury Park in London this summer.

According to bass player Peter Hook, they may be splitting the set between songs from their days as Joy Division and those from the New Order catalogue.

He says that seeing the Factory records and Hacienda biopic has reminded the band how “fucking great” the Joy Division songs were.

Peter Hook said: “We’re thinking of doing a Joy Division set and a New Order set. It’s just nice to play them ‘cause they’re fucking great songs. The great thing about ‘24 Hour Party People’ is when I listen to the album I’m thinking ‘fucking yes, that’s me that is, that’s me!’ We sound fucking mega, I’m delighted.”
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Old 28th March 2002   #2
c s
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umm i think new order started playing more joy division songs than ever before at reading festival 98, and they also played 3 or 4 on every gig during their tour last year (not "heart & soul" though which they did in reading). the gig in berlin last year was brilliant btw. they also did a special video message for john peel's dj birthday, doing "transmission" in their rehearsal room. i downloaded it by chance. also own the excellent dvd "586" on which there is an interview in which they also state that 20 yrs after joy division they want to start doing more joy division stuff again - and they did it. so that gig in london is perhaps not as special as it seems.
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Old 28th March 2002   #3
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Well...the last time I saw New Order was back in 1986 or '87. Gene loves Jezebel and OMD opened up for them. I can't even imagine how Bernard sings Ian's songs. There voices are so different. Ian's is deep and subversive whilst Bernard's is languorous and melancholy. Hey, maybe it will work! But imagine if they played Bizarre Love Triangle after a Joy Division track? Bleecchh!

Maybe they should play with Portishead and Tricky.

She's lost control again...
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Old 28th March 2002   #4
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i saw new order this year at the 'big day out' festy in oz... They were amazing - i danced in circles (like a rabid duran duran reject) wif my arms swingin (lebon stylee) singin along to every tune - it was a greatest hits set. they played 'transmission' - which was awesome and bernard proclaimed before playing 'love will tear us apart ' - that he alwaze felt he sang the song better than ian...hmmmm.. they were incredible nonetheless...
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Old 28th March 2002   #5
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Preyty nonplussed by this news. I seen New Order last year and they were attempting to re-capture the magic as it were. To be honest I wish they hadn't bothered. They should have left the Joy Division well alone, and stuck to skimping on their New Order songs (which I can report is what they most definitely did). I guess being a big fan I will never see how the ever bland Mr Sumner can re-create the same melancholy that Ian Curtis gave us. Don't get me wrong, I'm into New Order in a big way (well first five years maybe), but "Ceremony" is as much of a crossover as I'd like to see to be honest.
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