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Super_Collider - Raw Digits review thread

from nuisance music

A Review of Raw Digits by Super_Collider
Writtten by Michael Kemp

Since the electricity & critical acclaim greeting 1999's "Head On", Jamie Lidell & Cristian Vogel (the disparate parts that make up Super_Collider) haven't been idle - spending the last 2 years chasing the muse from Brighton to Berlin to Barcelona - and voyaging back from the furthest reaches of inner space with the stunning "Raw Digits" album.

Now, many people have used up much oxygen in the past bitching about a "music of the future" or lack of thereof, but just when you thought that such a concept was merely copy on an adman's desk - Super_Collider morph in & take you right there, and leave you, dizzy, without maps, to find your way floating formless in the heart of a parallel dance universe.

Initially perplexing, you wake one morning with the finely-crafted music singing in your veins - and what music - finding yourself travelled and blissfully happy. How can such music be simultaneously smooth as silk and totally disorientating?

Jamie's incredible vocal stylings - the boy sings like an angel, albeit a knowing angel and funky as hell - snatches of a disembodied Stevie Wonder (circa "Innervisions") in the Twilight Zone perhaps - and then some - swooping & rising up like a kite on thermal currents of warm air - underpinned by a bed of Vogel's dark Golem electronica.

On paper it looks like it shouldn't work - but dancing with atoms & molecules, it does - exquisite sonic iceflows courtesy of Cristian cascading from ear to ear, speaker to speaker - an arranged marriage in android heaven.

From the opening pulses of "Messagesacomin" ("that you just cannot decipher") to the storming intelligent dancefloor full-on finale of "Collide N Conquer", this is one extraordinary feat of engineering and one mutant motherfucker of a soul experience for mind and body alike, tripping, travelling with light, shapeshifting, seamless - one that no self respecting home should be without.

Ominous footsteps filled with light heralding "In The Beams", the spooky weirdsville & hermit dust that is "Bug Trackin"; the ocean of things falling apart & reassembling in the beautiful "Gravity Rearranging" - impossible to adequately describe - it's sweet soul music, but not as we know it Jim (more fool us. And, as it is often said: a fool and his money will soon party).

Infectious beats for the feet, ghost particles of cosmic dust in the machine, warm love for the soul turned inside out - I feel we are in the presence of something seminal here - and so much fun.

How divine that humanoids, exhausted with recycling & creating makeshift hybrids from past-era industrial refuse, have begun to build their own future, digit by digit.

"And the future? It's already here on this album"
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