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7 magazine

posted by Mr.Lizard

my review of raw digits in 7 magazine.. ah well, for what it's worth, here it is. couldn't find the review thread but thought you might like to have it for your files anyway:

Super_Collider – ‘Raw Digits’ (Rise Robots Rise)

The second instalment of Cristian Vogel and Jamie Lidell’s magical collaborative project finally arrives - despite the duo now residing half-way across Europe from each other - and once again it puts to shame most of the other music you’re likely to hear this year.
Tracks like ‘Bug Trackin’ require close cerebral attention to sample their true glory: the subtle moods shapeshift around Lidell’s enigmatically beautiful vocals. But others, like ‘Gravity Re-arrangin’, are quite simply low-down, spine tingling soul: sine waves in a smoky room, with the soporific chords jarring pleasantly under the intentionally loose and languorous beats. And then there’s the glitch-factor. Like Head On (the stunning first album) no beat is spliced for the sake of it; no frequency tweaked just for tweaking’s sake. On ‘Soily Soul’, Lidell’s voice morphs into what resembles a radio transmission of a distant female singer, while ‘In the Beams’ blends the mutating self-deconstruction of the beats with some beautiful acoustic licks. Lidell’s late nite voice has never sounded better: outdoing the heights he reached with tracks like ‘Loosen Me Human’ on the first album.
It’s fucked up enough to mess with your head and soulful enough to lock in your heart – their combined musical prowess shining through the whole murky, slinky electronic soup.
This is futuristic robot soul of the highest order – no messin’.

(6 dancing men).

*though they did actually print it as only 5 dancing men... but i submitted it with 6!!
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