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Super Collider "Messagesacomin EP" Rise Robot Rise [12 inch]

Finally the following up to the succes of their "Head on" bomb album which was released on Loaded in '99. Nowadays Jamie Lidell is living in Berlin, while his Super Collider partner Cristian Vogel's being resident in Barcelona and that's why the recording of their upcoming "Raw digits" album has taken place in three countries over the last two years. Jamie Lidell already gained fame with his Electronic releases on U.K.'s Spymania label and Cristian Vogel is known for releases on labels like Mosquito, Tresor and has started the Supramat label where that brilliant Transllusion album recently was released on.
"Messagesacomin" includes the dark noises and funkin' drum programming as we're used to from Cristian with those brittish characteristic of Lidell.
On the B side the new crew ChunKing remixed it into a british flavour with additional backing vocals, while M.D.K.'s remix (who already released two fine albums on Spymania) concentrates more on the original dark noises and added extra keys, breakbeats and a Hashim sample underneath... you could only blame them for being one of their kind. (Dr. Nutcracker)
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