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Raw Digits comes three years after Super Collider's Head On debut and adopts a slightly more commercial posture. The recording sessions were split between Barcelona (Cristian Vogel's adopted city) and Berlin (Jamie Lidell's new home), with other parts laid down in Brighton. This time, the pair have opted for a fragmented hybrid, a swimming funk vision caught through the bottom of an empty beerglass. Palping basslines, clipped beats and extraneous swirling sounds are all contorted into unlikely positions, with most of the cuts featuring vocals by Lidell, albeit heavily processed into alien transmissions. Stateside soul erotica has been filtered through odd minds, to particularly striking effect on the opening onslaught of "Messageacomin" and "Closetails". It's like some steaming Rick James clone has been given a satin-panted carte blanche. Matthew Herbert guests on "Gravity Rearrangin", contributing wayward key-bass, but the most accessible tunes arrive midway, with "Soily Soul" and "Spillin Visions" both slinky and sensuous, exuding a strong aroma of Can, all circling drum patterns and low-bass pulsing. Quite possibly the oddest track comes penultimately, with "Radinations on the Rise" having an almost parodic throat lozenge vocal, devilishly intoning over turbulent background effects.--Martin Longley
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