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05 March 2003
Event Preview: Super_Collider appear at Digital T

Crash Course... Super_Collider should probably be listed as one of the best techno duo acts this alternative music genre has. Made up of Cristian Vogel and Jamie Liddell, the duo have both earned major reputations both in their own right and collectively.
So it is no mean feat then, that Digital T have managed to secure the pair to showcase their unique talents at the Crescent Arts Centre, on University Road Friday 7th March as part of the Digital T festival.
With their rich, and varied take on techno, the experimental duo are expected to stun you both visually and musically.
Whilst their acclaimed debut, Head On (Loaded), featuring the classic single 'Darn Cold Way O' Lovin', was all funked up, Super_Collider's last excursion Raw Digits was pure midnight soul. The moods on the album Raw Digits range from the unexpectedly tender ballad 'gravity rearrangin' to the gothic R'n' B masterpiece that is 'collide n conquer'. With a full spectrum of emotions, Raw Digits has to be one of the year's most memorable albums.
Super_Collider have played live at various international festivals including Transmusicales, Berlin LoveParade, Roskilde, Sonar, the Mannheim Jazz Festival, Digital Convenience (Tokyo) and Big Beat Boutique.
Their live performances feature bassist James Stephenson on bass guitar (from Tummy Touch released band Chungking), Pablo Fiasco on visuals (filmmaker extraordinaire) and Belfast's own Grant Allardyce on drums.

Aine McEntee

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