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Overload Review

RÂ* AlbumÂ*Â*SUPER_COLLIDERÂ*‘Ra w Digits’Â*(Rise Robots Rise) Â*2002-05Â*
Four years ago I watched a smashed Jamie Lidell roll around the floor in the back of a dingy club with a microphone, his crazed vocal outpouring really testing the bouncers’ patience. I knew then he’d go far. Playing in the other room that night was ex-Brighton cohort Cristian Vogel, and here, on their second long-player together as Super_Collider (Vogel living in Barcelona, Lidell in Berlin), the scruffy collaborators cement their internment in the realms of deranged genius with a classy set of sonic wobblers for No-Future’s new ‘Rise Robots Rise’ imprint. From the jerky strains of the opener, ‘Messagesacomin’, Jamie Lidell’s jaw-dropping smooth vocals cruise the glitchy soup of beats, bass, rattles and tones with a crazed confidence. ‘Closetails’ turns up the funk, injecting a more pronounced two-step twist and some gorgeously complex melodic arrangements before the next cut ‘Bug Trackir’ dubs out in to languid swooning beatscape. ‘Gravity Rearranging’, featuring Matthew Herbert on bass, is perhaps one of the finest moments - an easy-listening gem of modern music fusion combined with Lidell’s killer vox. Elsewhere, ‘Soily Soul’ presses delicate ghostly house rhythms against warming sound collages, ‘In The Beams’ goes midnight shufflin’ and stumbling, and ‘Conquer N Collide’ breathes the relaxed air of drunken futurism you’d only get from locking Subhead, Prince and Craig David in a studio full of Absinthe. It’s all a far, far cry from Lidell’s days of Subhead, or Vogel’s spiky early Tresor releases, embracing an understanding of soul that’d slap Jamiroquai back in his nappies. Super_Collider - purveyors of the skankiest, most soulful dirge ever to dribble out of the underground. Buy on sight.Â*Â*VS
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